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Fake Plastic Love

Hi, I am Scarlett, the founder of Fake Plastic Love which serves as my platform to turn fun ideas into wearables. It is named after the lyrics of Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead. All pieces are handmade and designed by me at my home studio in Hong Kong (As you can see it is very chaotic everyday).


As a person who has zero jewellery background, when the pandemic hit hard in 2020, I started learning metalsmithing via YouTube then ordered my tools one by one and started experimenting. I enjoy using different metalsmith methods to visualize the images in my head. 


All my pieces are made using several basic metalsmith techniques: hand sawing, soldering, metal forming and polishing. They are all hand sculpted from sheets and wires.

Vitreous Enamel

In 2020, I briefly taught myself how to do vitreous enamelling then followed by a long pause. And in 2022 I decided to revisit this technique and created some more enamel works. I learned how to enamel mostly via books and doing a lot of experiments. They are all touch-fired on copper.

Collections + Inspirations

Let's be real with you, I get bored very easily, so I enjoy creating one-off collections every now and then. The themes often varies, from miniatures to Chinese antiques. I am often inspired by little things in daily life as I started metalsmithing during a worldwide pandemic, most of my ideas are mostly about things in a quarantine lifestyle like my miniature collection. I tend to drop new pieces once or twice a month so stay tuned!

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